An interactive Slade family history site

2 Alfred Denham Slades

As you browse the site you will see the name Alfred Denham Slade crops up quite often. To those who don’t know, there are 2 Alfred Denham Slades.

Alfred Denham Slade (left) b. 1884 – He was the younger brother of our Grandfather Walter William. It was he who went off on a big adventure to the USA [via Canada] in October 1912 [just 5 months after the Titanic sank] he was there until at least 1930 as he was living in California during the 1930 USA Federal Census taken that year. Throughout this website he will be refered to as ‘Great Uncle Alf’




Alfred Denham Slade (right) b. 1918 – Son of Walter William & Elizabeth Margaretta – our Grandparents. I will refer to him throughout the site as ‘Uncle Alf’. He saw action during WW II when [as an RAF airman] he was posted to Africa. He worked as a driver in the RAF and followed up the 8th army ensuring their constant replenishments of supplies.




I hope this short explanation prevents any confusion between the 2 A D Slades.

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