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Uncle Ron's WW II message

During the Second War World, British troops stationed abroad had the opportunity to send a recorded message home by making a one minute recording onto a 5 inch wax disc. This recording is 41 seconds long.

This audio recording was sent from overseas by Ronald Slade c. 1946 – the sound quality isn’t great, you may need to replay it a few times to really hear it properly. I have added subtitles to help make it easier to follow what’s being said.

When you consider that this delicate recording consists of a metal disc sprayed with a layer of fragile shellac – it’s a wonder it has survived at all. As the records age, through the decades the shellac generally becomes increasingly brittle and flakey making them unplayable. We are very lucky to have this precious recording, and now that it has been copied into digital format – by a company called Precious Voices, in Galloway, Scotland – it is now preserved for posterity.

Posting it through the Royal Mail involved lots of bubble wrap and sheets of MDF board to ensure its safe transit through the sorting offices! But it was worth it!!

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