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Photo Restoration

Old photographs are wonderful things to have but some of them don’t age very well. They’re either stored in places where they’ll be subject to extreme temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity, or they get torn and/or creased or worse still faded from years of exposure to daylight. Thanks to software programmes like Adobe Photoshop it’s possible to digitally ‘repair’ some of the damage that’s been done to a photo.

Here’s an example of what a little time and patience can achieve. This probably took me about an hour and a half. I think the overall result’s pretty good, but having said that, prevention is better than cure so storing photos safely is the answer. 

 This photo was emailed to me from a lady I contacted through Genes Reunited a few years ago. She was unsure who the lady in the photo was but thought it to be Elizabeth Slade [nee Pearce] who married our GG Grandfather Samuel Slade. I noticed a rather striking similarity to the elderly lady in the mystery photo. I’ll add a link here and at the top of the site to a comparison of both ladies side by side so you can see if you think they’re the same lady.

Tips for storing photos safely:

  • Use PVC-free sleeves or plastic bags

  • Acid-free or metal storage boxes

  • Keep at as consistent a temperature as poss!

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