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The 20 year old puzzle…

…Solved – by a 4-year-old online message!

Tracing my Slade line was fairly straight forward at first – I got back to my GGG Grandparent’s marriage in 1824 in the usual way, obtaining certificates & parish record entries as I went. My GGG Grandfather was William Slade, who, according to every census he appeared in [1841-1881]  was born c.1800 in North Curry, Somerset. It was when I tried to find his baptism that the brick wall started to appear and that brought my Slade line research to a very frustrating dead-end.

There is no record of any baptism for William in or around 1800 in the North Curry baptism register. The closest possible match found was a baptism of a William Slade in Fivehead – a neighbouring village of North Curry – and although William was born in North Curry, it doesn’t necessarily follow that he was baptised there.

The Fivehead baptism threw up its own problems though, as the details read like so:1800 Baptisms Fivehead William Slade

As you can see there is a William Slade baptised May 17th or 19th 1800 – but that’s it, no information on who his parents were, as for some unknown reason those important facts were not included!! Even if there had been details of his parents, there was no guarantee that this was ‘my’ William.

This is how the situation remained, until early August [2011] when I found a message on Curious Fox website  – which had been posted 4 years before I found it!

The message read:
“Slade & Tucker Family (Aug 2007)
Seeking information on Thomas & Mary Tucker Slade, both born 1803, and married in 1824 in N. Curry and emigrated to the U.S. around 1842. His parents are Samuel and Sarah. He had two brothers–Simon & William. His son, Charles married Elizabeth Leyydon (Liddon?) also from England and farmed in Illinois”

The name Tucker rang a bell as soon as I saw it, I checked the marriage details I have for William – and one of the witnesses at his marriage [to Priscilla Sweeting in 1824] was Eliza TUCKER – I then began to wonder if there was a connection between Mary Tucker [who married Thomas Slade] and Eliza Tucker. The fact that Thomas [in the above message] had a brother called William filled me with hope but I tried not to be overly optimistic as the author of the message may not have been using the same contact email 4 years on.

I crossed my fingers and typed a short reply, I clicked ‘send’ and hoped for the best. While I waited for a reply I checked to see if there were any family trees that included Thomas & Mary – I found one and sent a message, again crossing my fingers for a reply. I was over the moon to get a reply from the Ancestry member within a few hours, a very helpful lady [Marilyn] in Colorado, who has since sent some lovely photos and copies of USA censuses, and has been [and continues to be] an enormous help throughout.

In late August [2011] the much-anticipated email arrived from the author of the Slade/Tucker curious fox message. I was filled with hope as I read the email and I was not disappointed, as it slowly became more and more clear that the William in the curious fox message was ‘my’ William, my GGG Grandfather! The best news was that Coral [the lady who had written the CF message] had a number of hand written notes penned by her uncle. It was these notes which proved to be the vital evidence that would solve the mystery, not only of William’s baptism, and who his parents were, but which also revealed details of his siblings and their lives!

Below is that all important note:

Vital proof for William Slade b.1800

 Without this information, I wonder if the brick wall would ever have been ‘pulled down’. Thank goodness that Coral’s uncle had the forethought to make note of such information, and of course for Coral in keeping this priceless piece of paper safe!

In addition to the notes, Coral has a wonderful collection of old photographs, a family bible with important events noted, and even some fabric swatches that are thought to have been pieces of fabric that may have been used to create Mary Tucker’s wedding dress! She also has a paper napkin that was kept as a souvenir of that wedding which took place in North Curry on June 21st [summer solstice] 1825 – amazing!! And there is the very detailed 3 page will made by Thomas Slade here – below Samuel Slade’s will.

Here is a gallery of photos and scans that Coral has very kindly sent and allowed me to use on this website – Thank you Coral. I’ve also included an updated descendent chart to include my newly discovered G x 4 Grandparents Samuel & Sarah – née Verrier – and my G x 5 Grandparents John & Elizabeth – whose maiden name is [as yet] unknown.

Each thumbnail sized photo is clickable – clicking each one will open a larger version of the photo. WordPress [the lovely people who allow us little folk to create a website that they host free of charge] have recently added a photo gallery layout called CAROUSEL, this has caused all photos to appear differently to the way I intended. Carousel is not an option it’s mandatory. 

To see the full size photo and the description that I have added for each photo you can bypass the carousel viewer by clicking on the word ‘Permalink’ which appears at the bottom right of every image when in the carousel mode, this should allow you to see the full size photos [with descriptions] as I intended.

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