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The 1911 Census

British Census returns are only made available to the general public for viewing 100 years after they have been completed. The 1911 census saw more information gathered than previous censuses, including how many years a couple had been married, how many children they’d had and of those children – how many were still living. It’s also worth mentioning that 1911 was the first census that householders had to fill the forms in themselves.

Below: 1911 census of our Grandparents who had been married for 2 years [since April 1909] with baby – Uncle Vic aged just 7 months – their address at that time was 16 Broad Weir – Dad had no idea that they had lived there. I think they must have moved fairly soon after 1911, possibly to Conham Hill, Hanham.

Below: 1911 census of GG Grandfather Samuel Slade aged 83 – living with him is Great Uncle Alf aged 27 yrs

Below: 1911 census of Great Auntie Gert [Grandfather’s younger sister] and Great Uncle Bill [Chidzey]

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