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Family Group

This is the only photograph that I know of which includes every member of Grandmother & Grandfather’s family, with all of their children – well, I say “all” – but I confess that a little computer wizardry has taken place!  They say the camera never lies, but with the wonders of computer technology, the camera can now tell white lies! Let me explain…

The photo was taken at the request of Grandfathers brother Alf, who was still living in American at the time it was taken, and, being unable to see his younger brother Walter’s children in person, Alf sent the money to Walter and Elizabeth in order that they could pay a photographer to take a family group photo and that a copy be sent to him in America. This is that photo. The youngest child in the original was Raymond [sitting on gran’s knee] he looks about 9-12 months old and he was born July 1st 1926. So I think this photo can be dated to May – July 1927. My Dad was born nearly 2 years later – March 17th 1929 [St. Patrick’s day – and he was nearly named ‘Patrick’ !!]

I wanted to add my Dad to this family photo and as luck would have it Dad had a photo of himself aged about 6 months old. So [once again using Photoshop] I added him in – onto aunt Stella’s lap. This photo is the end result, it may not be perfect but Dad was really thrilled with it!

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