An interactive Slade family history site


Here are some of the photos I have relating to the Slade family. Adding them is a time-consuming process, but I intend to get all the photos I currently have uploaded over the coming weeks.

Each thumbnail sized photo is clickable – clicking each one will open a larger version of the photo. WordPress [the lovely people who allow us little folk to create a website that they host free of charge] have recently added a photo gallery layout called CAROUSEL, this has caused all photos to appear differently to the way I intended. Carousel is not an option it’s mandatory. 

To see the full size photo and the description that I have added for each photo you can bypass the carousel viewer by clicking on the word ‘Permalink’ which appears at the bottom right of every image when in the carousel mode, this should allow you to see the full size photos [with descriptions] as I intended.

If you have any photos that you’d like to share, please email them to me here: and I’ll upload them for all family members to see!

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