An interactive Slade family history site

Who is who?

This page gives details of all the children of each Slade family from William & Priscilla up to and including our Grandparents Walter William & Elizabeth Margaretta. At the top of the page I will include the 4 generation tree section to hopefully make things clearer. Under that I will add each family starting with our Grandparents and working backwards through time, so that the 4th generation will be at the bottom of the page. All images are shown full size.

The 4 generations of SLADE Grandparents:

Firstly, the children of Walter & Elizabeth Margaretta – our Grandparents:

NOTE: The following family group sheets have a bright green high-light alongside the direct ancestors. These are our G Grandparents for each generation.


The children of  Walter and Frances Emma:

The children of  Samuel & Elizabeth:

Last but not least, the children of William & Priscilla:


As I progress further back I will update this page with the newly found information.

One response

  1. jwebberuk

    Absolutely brilliant research, but there is so much here that you cant get through it in one go, I have to refer to it time and tme again.
    What a sad story (Samuel Slade’s family) of so many children dying young.

    Regarding my mother (Eva Ursula Slade). I am pretty sure that she was born in December 1910, not January 1912. My father, Stanley John Webber, was also born in December but a year later, i.e. 1911 so there was lot of leg pulling about it at home when they were alive.
    They were married in 1936 at Oldland Common Church, not at Chipping Sodbury unless Oldland Common Church was part of the Chipping Sodbury group, though I doubt it.

    John Webber.

    July 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

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